Business Cards are  the absolute best way to provide people with the all important contact information about your Business.
They are an amazing marketing tool that can put your business at the finger tips of potential customers or clients.
You can use Business Cards to help  expand your customer or client base, generate leads and create extra sales opportunities for your business.

Traditional business cards do however have limitations and downfalls.

 Change your job title, services you provide or any of your contact details and a printed card becomes obsolete.

 People tend to lose them very easily.

Expensive to print and reprint.

In the current world situation, people are reluctant to accept anything from anybody else.

Social distancing makes it hard to exchange Business Cards.

There is a solution to all of these problems.




No Contact Exchange.

In the current situation the world finds itself in, the ability to exchange contact details with a potential client or customer without having to make physical contact is invaluable.

Being able to deliver your Business Card by text message or email means social distancing or self isolation are no longer a problem.

Fully Customizable 

Your WoW Factor Digital Business Card comes with full access to back end allowing you to customize you card at any time.

The card auto updates the each time your client opens it.

Zero Print or Reprint Costs

You have no printing costs with a WoW Factor Digital Business Card.

If you change any of your contact details there are no reprint costs.

Green Option

Your clients will love your business taking the “GREEN OPTION” to help the environment.

Easy Access 

A simple two click process allows your client to add your WoW Factor Digital Business Card to the home screen of there telephone giving it an App like appearance.

They can also add your details directly into their contacts giving them quick and convenient access to you at the click of a button.

Your clients will never lose your WoW Factor Digital Business Card.

Quick Delivery

WoW Factor Digital Business Cards are not hampered by the time it takes to print or deliver tradition business cards.

Here at WoW Factor Animation we are acutely aware of how tough the current circumstances of the world are making things for business to not only operate, but to make a profit.

For that reason, we are offering our Digital business cards at a greatly reduced rate.

The standard price for first year of a WoW Factor Digital Business Cards is $99 ($55 set up & $44/yr subscription).

For a limited time we are waiving the $55 set up fee and reducing the 1st years subscription by $10.

This means you will get 1 year of unlimited use with your fully personalized WoW Factor Digital Business Card for the super low price of $33.